Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peace & Righteousness Will Kiss

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Larry, Moe, and Curly

Christmas and Carols

Some things just go together.  But sometimes things that belong together aren’t always kept together.  Like that lone ranger in your sock drawer, or the hex nut in your hand that is separated from the bolt that has declared “sanctuary” in your garage.   Through the course of time things that belong together get separated.  Maybe it’s you and a friend, maybe it’s you and your spouse.  Maybe you’re estranged from someone whom you love very much, but you find it exceedingly difficult to reach out to him.  

Advent, as it moves us toward Christmas, offers the promise of many things to come when God fulfills the Kingdom that is both here and “not yet.”  Psalm 85 speaks of a time when two things seemingly separated in our day will be reunited.   Psalm 85.11 speaks of a day of salvation when “love and faithfulness meet together, righteousness and peace kiss each other.”  

That doesn’t sound much like the world we see around us.  The great news of Advent is that it points us again and again to the birth of the Christ.  And the birth of Christ set a plan in motion whereby God intends to bring back together all the things that belong together.  Me and you, us and God, the world unto itself.  This Psalm speaks of a day when the promise of peace and righteousness will become a reality.  

Join us at Willow Meadows this Advent season to prepare your soul to celebrate the birth of Christ as if it were the first time.  As you take stock of the things in your life that belong together but are separated, may you find joy in God’s promise that broken things can be made whole again.  Even your separated socks.

A good prayer for this December:  “God, help me to see my part in the broken relationships of my life and to work to mend those things.  May peace and righteousness, as well as love and faithfulness, guide me to participate in bringing peace and righteousness together in Your world.  Amen”

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