Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm a Winner

So far today, I've won the following things, and was informed via email:

1.  The Irish Lottery (1.1 million pounds - I didn't know the Irish had a currency in pounds???)

2.  A $1.15 million dollar inheritance from a man I apparently nursed to health in the Vietnam war who remembered me and wanted his estate to go the "brave soldier who saved his life."  Funny, I was born in 1970.  

3.  A $550,000.00 sweepstakes claim from Benson & Hedges cigarettes.  I was a little confused, however, when the email told me to reply with my name, age, social security number (for tax purposes, of course), my mother's maiden name, my phone number, my mailing address, and my employer's name.  It gave me a specific address to which I should reply because the "reply address" on the email was not monitored.  You'd think Benson and Hedges would at least take the time to send an email awarding half a mil from a monitored address, don't you think?  Strangely, the information they asked sounded just like the credit app I filled out for my mortgage.

And that's just today.  One can only ponder what will be in my email tomorrow!  What have you won recently?  

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