Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Maker

Was listening to a little Dave Matthews today, The Maker. It reminded me of a conversation I overheard just a few days ago between my wife and the Youngest Sister.

The Youngest Sister, who loves all kinds of fruit, was eating an orange and a banana at the same time. She said, "I love these fruits. They taste good and they're healthy.

Mom says, "Yep, they're full of vitamins."

The Youngest Sister says back, "Mom, how do the people get the vitamins in there?"

I'm laughing to myself as I listen because I just know that her six year old mind is thinking, "This orange has gummy-vitamins inside it."

Mom, putting away groceries says, "God just makes them that way."

To which the Youngest Sister replies, "God sure is a good maker."

This is especially funny if you take a look at this story I wrote in 2006 called Hinder Not the Little Children. The sentiment is not much different in that story than in this one - a little child takes an abstract theological construct and makes it concrete. Perhaps we should leave Dave Matthews and the little children to do the theological heavy-lifting more often?

One more parting thought: If God loves us half as much as I love the Youngest Sister, we're all in better standing that some would lead you to believe.

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