Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kentucky Football

OK - I'm a huge UNC fan, but this time of year all I can do other than watch baseball is wait for basketball to ramp up. Woo-hoo, UNC is a preseason #1 in roundball, but they suck all the air from the entire universe on the gridiron.

So today I watched the UK vs Floridahhhh football game, rooting for the Wildcats. I figure it works to my advantage to do so because, after all, I married a girl who is a true wildcat - I'll leave the editorial comments on that to you.

I was rootin' for the 'cats and thought they were gonna hang one, but unfortunately, no. Sorry guys. I may detest the gaturrr's more than all you fair folk in Lexington. I'm still more than a little sore that they won the NCAA men's b-ball tourney this year.

So it leads me to ponder aloud: just when did the Frenchies decide to export their two good athletes to Florida? And, just out of curiosity, doesn't coming to the U.S. on an athletic scholarship give you enough appreciation to at least stand up for the Star Spangled Banner? Oui, the preacher is harkening back to the contemptible Joakim Noah who thumbed his nose at the country which created a public system of higher education that created the opportunity for him to ply his skills at an ultimately irrelevant sport and get a free education. This is the same punk-kid who wouldn't even stand for the country's national anthem that put him on T.V. to act like an idiot.

At the very least, Billy Packer should have pronounced the "J" in Joakim. The hard "j," as in jerk.

Sorry, 'cats. Luv you unless you're playing the 'Heels and I thought you made a great and valiant run today.

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